Iceland Volcano Museum

Major volcanos erupting is a possibility people in Iceland live with every day. This story that ran on CBS TV stations details the threat and showcases a new museum in Iceland dedicated to eruptions of the past and the country’s geological makeup.

CA Wine Country: One Year After the Fires

This story about the rebuilding of wine country after devastating fires ran on CBS TV stations throughout the U.S.


This story about the rise in popularity of glamping ran on CBS TV affiliates nationwide.

D-Day Survivors Head to Normandy:

Veterans headed back to France for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day aboard the Queen Mary 2. The story aired on CBS TV stations.

Game of Thrones in Malta:

This story about where “Game of Thrones” was filmed in Malta ran on CBS stations’ social media.

Sweet Suites:

This story about new lavish suites opening around the world ran on CBS TV stations.

Las Vegas Additions

This story about what’s new in Las Vegas was published in a national trade magazine.{“issue_id”:492309,”view”:”articleBrowser”,”article_id”:”3071751″}